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Help Your Teen Get Into Top Colleges By Becoming Authentically Interesting

Dream Big.
Take Action.
Get Accepted.

After 18+ years of helping students get into top colleges, I have seen time and time again that it's not about "doing things that look good" but rather discovering and developing real passions that help students stand out. 

In my one-of-a-kind program, I help students become the best versions of themselves and teach them skills that will help them achieve incredible things and ensure success well after college.  

"Without Danny I wouldn’t be at my dream school—simple as that! He helped me find a program that revolves around my passion and allowed me to gain real world experience."

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- Anna Sofia-Lotman

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Six Action-Based Weeks

9th-11th grade students will get a recorded weekly lesson in which I will walk them through how to:

  1. Discover their personal strengths

  2. Figure out a big goal that they would love to achieve (Click here to see examples) 

  3. Create a detailed, step-by-step plan to succeed (with instructions for specific interests)

  4. Start taking massive action towards the goal 

  5. Learn specific strategies to overcome obstacles

  6. Set up effective accountability checks

"I really connected with Danny because we share the same sense of humor. I feel he really got me, and he inspired me to set much bigger goals for myself."

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- Alyssa Ponrartana

Weekly Guidance & Support For Both Parents & Students

Parents & Students each get a weekly live Q&A with me where I review strategies & answer questions to ensure your teen can reach their goals. 

"The program was so much more than I thought it would be. It also helped that Danny answered questions throughout."

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- Dylan Norris

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Action Plan Guides
& Resources

Students will get step-by-step action plan guides based on my years of gathering resources to help teens learn about an area of interest and pursue outside-the-box opportunities.

Guides are available for students who want to:

Start a business. Write a novel/short story. Create an art portfolio. Go into medicine. Do research. Be an engineer. Go into lawGet involved in social justice. Go into theater. Learn languages. Go into music. Or Get into sports business or journalism. 

"Danny really helped me clarify my goals in music, create a portfolio, and showcase it all to colleges."

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-Willa Polstein

Special Bonuses!

Each student will also get my best School Strategies to Get Better Grades in Less Time. These are strategies proven to help students develop relationships with teachers, study better for tests, do homework more efficiently, and keep everything organized!

Each student will gain access to an exclusive never-before interview I had with my past student Evan Spiegel, the founder and CEO of Snapchat. Students will discover what he did in high school that helped him become successful and the strategies he still employs that your teen can model.

“Danny totally had my back and helped me express who I really was–no easy task in such a high-growth phase of life. I am forever grateful for Danny’s guidance.” 

Evan Spiegel, CEO & Founder of Snapchat


My goal is to help your teen


By applying proven strategies that have helped thousands of students achieve more than they thought possible, your teen will develop a growth mindset that will help them become more confident and more resilient. 

1% Activities Logo.jpg

Let's Help Your Teen Become Their Best Self.

6 Weeks of Training
Mindset Training, Strengths Finder, Big Goal Action Plan
Live Q&A Sessions
Strategies to help your child persevere & stay accountable 
  Specific Interest Guides
Guidance, resources, & checklists
Danny's best school strategies to succeed
Exclusive Interview with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel
Total Value: $2,495

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our programs and the educational value they provide. However, there is no guarantee that your child will get into a specific college using the techniques and ideas in these materials. When we showcasing exceptional results, they do not reflect the average experience. You should not rely on any information we present as any kind of promise, guarantee, or expectation of any level of success. Your results will be determined by a number of factors over which we have no control, such as your child's grade, experiences, skills, level of effort, and changes in a college's admissions policies. Subject to our Refund Policy, we provide content without any express or implied warranties. By continuing to use our site and access our content, you agree that we are not responsible for any decision you may make regarding any information presented or as a result of purchasing any of our products or services. Any examples of actual results can be verified upon request.

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