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Starts on July 2, 2022!

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Acceptance Academy


World-class college counseling, test prep, & success coaching for all

The Acceptance Academy is a proven system that helps all students get into top colleges by coaching them to become the best version of themselves. It is the only online experience with live coaching that covers how to succeed in high school, develop passions, ace the ACT, and craft stand-out, authentic college applications. 

Earn Better Grades

in less time

  • Learn how to work with your teachers, so they can help you save time and learn more. 

  • Discover study strategies that allow you to better remember information and recall it for tests.

  • Master ways to read, take notes, and keep organized that improve retention and save time.

  • Learn strategies for dealing with test anxiety, so you can demonstrate your actual abilities. 

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Part One: School + Activity + ACT Coaching 

(For 9th-11th Grade Families)

that truly stand out

Develop Activities

  • Discover new ways for developing your authentic interests in and out of school.

  • Make a plan and really progress on your goals.

  • Learn how to find colleges that match up to your interests to continue to grow and help you get in!

  • Get my handpicked resources to help you pursue unique opportunities and set up your future.

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Rock the ACT

by learning from the very best

  • Learn how to apply 17 grammar rules to quickly improve your English score. 

  • Discover how to think like the test makers to raise your math score no matter what your abilities are. 

  • Use time-tested strategies for quickly choosing the correct reading comprehension and science answers.

  • I guarantee at least a 4-point improvement!

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Complete Applications

and get walked through the essay process

  • Learn how to do in-depth research into the colleges using the schools' own websites and materials.

  • Make the detailed Activity List/Resume using the format of the applications​.

  • Fill out the applications & write a standout Personal Statement that is required by almost all colleges.

  • Craft unique “Why do you want to attend our college?” essays, as well as other required essays.

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Part Two: Four-Day, Live Online Boot Camp in Aug Before 12th Grade

(For 11th-12th Grade Families)


"Danny's Academy was amazing. I can't believe I got so much done, and everyone really helped me hone my essays, especially one I was struggling with about my brother. I am incredibly thankful because I got accepted to Harvard early action!"

—NICHOLAS HUTCHISON, Student at Harvard University

Part Three: 1-1 Coaching

(For 11th-12th Grade Families)

Meet 1-1 with a certified coach throughout the Boot Camp, 

and for 3 additional 1-hour online, individualized sessions afterward.

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More Details

The Acceptance Academy consists of live classes, an ACT program, a Boot Camp, and 1-1 coaching:

Bi-Weekly Live Classes with Danny

Every other Sunday at 10am PST throughout the year for 9th-11th Graders:

I deliver a LIVE 30-45 minute class + provide resources and other content covering the topics below. 

Each topic is timed to correspond to a specific period of the year.

(Classes are also recorded, so you can watch them anytime.)

Succeed in high school:

How to start off the year strong

How to talk to and work with your teachers

How to get and stay organized

How to take notes in a whole new way

How to read textbooks quickly and best retain the information

How to study for math tests

How to study for history tests

How to improve history and English essays

How to write research papers effectively in less time

How to ace midterms and finals

How to pick the best class schedule for you

How to make an ACT/SAT study plan

How to best prepare for AP Tests

Succeed out of high school: 

How to develop your interests in unique ways

How to get a real job

How to get a handle on anxiety

How to conduct independent research

How to get recruited in a college sport

How to create an art/drama/dance portfolio that stands out

How to choose summer programs

How to create a club or nonprofit

How to start and run a sales business

How to start and run a service business

How to find and get productive internships

How to rise to leadership positions in organizations

How to balance school life with extracurriculars

ACT Prep

Summer, 2022 for 10th-11th Graders:

The ACT course consists of a series of step-by-step videos and practice tests that will be released in July, 2022, so you can study over the summer. You will get access to the entire course all at once and each lesson is specifically designed to teach you exactly what you need to know on each ACT section to improve your scores in the quickest amount of time. I am so confident in these strategies, I guarantee you will raise your score by at least 4 points!

Applications + Essays Boot Camp & 1-1 Coaching

Every other Sunday at 1pm PST from May-August for 11th-12th Graders:

I will hold bi-weekly classes for rising seniors that will cover:

Discovering colleges

Choosing senior year high school classes

Ensuring great college letters of recommendation

Working with a school counselor

Visiting campuses

Developing authentic, standout senior summer activities, including securing job/internships

Reaching out to professors and admissions representatives

2 Options to Choose From to Fit Your Summer Schedule (for 12th Graders): 

August 8-11, 2022


August 15-18, 2022

I will hold a 4-day, online live Application Boot Camp where I help you create stand-out applications and pair you 1-1 with my trained, certified coaches to write unique and authentic admissions essays.

After the Boot Camp for 12th Graders:

You will meet your coach for 3 one-hour sessions after the Boot Camp to polish essays & prepare apps to submit. 


Just a few of the top colleges attended by my students:


Personal texts and reminders

Can't get enough of my voice In your head? I will send out regular parent and student reminders and support via text throughout the year when both you and your child need It the most!

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Acceptance Academy Facebook Group.jpg

Acceptance Academy Facebook Community

Get access to a community of parents/students to share positive stories and ask questions that my team and I can answer to make sure the info is accurate and supportive. 

Secrets to Getting Money to Pay for College

In this special bonus designed for parents, I will cover exactly how to find and apply for school-based merit scholarships, as well as outside scholarships. I will also cover how to apply for financial aid and discuss strategies for best filling out the FAFSA and PROFILE financial aid applications. 

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So what is the Acceptance Academy exactly? 

The Acceptance Academy is a hybrid of live online courses, a 4-day boot camp, and five hours of 1-1 coaching designed to help 9th-12th grade students succeed in high school, as well as find & apply to selective colleges. 

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Who is the Acceptance Academy for? 

The program is designed for high school students who want to attend selective 4-year colleges. For those who only want to focus on the application process, our 11th/12th grade option is best. For students who also want to learn about how to do better in school, discover how to create opportunities involving extracurricular activities, and improve their ACT scores, the 9th/10th-12th grade option is best.

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My child is in 9th or 10th grade, can we just sign up for one year?  

I have designed the program to be comprehensive and, therefore, want to make sure all students get the most help possible. As a result, I do not offer single-year programs for 9th or 10th graders at this time. 

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What if my child misses a live class or part of the 4-day boot camp? 

I recognize that with sports, theater, saving the whales, etc. students have incredibly busy schedules. This is why I record all classes (including the Boot Camp sessions) and make them available a day later via email. This way, anyone who either missed a session or simply wants to review the material can do so at their own pace. For the Boot Camp, I am offering 2 dates in August and will also be sending out replays of each day. 

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Who are Danny's Certified Coaches?

My certified coaches are educators (teachers, tutors, ex-college admissions officers) who have proven track records and love working with teens. Each has been trained by me personally in the system that I have developed in working with students over the last 20 years. Specifically, they are specialists in helping students craft, develop, and hone their college essays and applications to help students showcase their true voice and personality. 

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How much individualized time will my child have with Danny directly? 

I created the Acceptance Academy to be an affordable way for students to get coached through high school with the strategies, techniques, and bad jokes I used with students 1-1 for years. I also train coaches to provide students guidance and feedback on their applications and essays, as I have found students often have the most need for individualized assistance during this time. As a result, this system has proven incredibly effective at helping students become the best versions of themselves and get into great colleges. I definitely answer student questions during the live classes, and I personally respond to as many email questions as I possibly can. However, due to my schedule and the number of families applying to college, I cannot work individually with students as part of this program.  

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What if my child isn't using the program? Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! I want all families to be incredibly happy with the program and believe my offerings can't be found anywhere else. However, if a family is not satisfied for any reason within the first 3 months, all a parent has to do is email me at contact@dannyruderman.com, and I will be happy to provide a full refund. 

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Why should I register for the Acceptance Academy?

I believe that this is the absolute best and most efficient way for students to get into top colleges while becoming the best versions of themselves. And the thousands of success stories have proven the effectiveness of my system. Think of it this way: if your teen just learned one thing that helped them raise their grades, discover a passion, or make the difference in getting into a great school, wouldn't that alone be worth it? I have spent years making this program to democratize top college and success coaching—instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars to hire me 1-1, you can get the same guidance and results for a fraction of the cost! 

See why celebrities, CEOs, and families from around the world have trusted me to help their children.

"Danny totally had my back and helped me express who I really was–no easy task in such a high-growth phase of life. I am forever grateful for Danny’s guidance."

—EVAN SPIEGEL, Stanford grad and CEO of Snapchat

For more testimonials, click here

I feel blessed to be nationally recognized as one of America’s premier college counselors. After being the first from my family to attend college and only the 3rd student to be accepted into Stanford University from my public high school, my mission is to help as many families as possible navigate the admission process. I am the author of The Ultimate College Acceptance System (St. Martin’s Press) and Top 100 Answers to Your College Admission Questions. I have also created college counseling programs used by nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies.

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About Me

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It All Starts on July 2, 2022!

9th/10th-12th Grades


or 12 monthly payments of $257

Join me for bi-weekly classes focused 

on succeeding in and out of high school

Rock the ACT Prep Course 

Join me for bi-weekly classes focused on 

college research and applications

Complete the Apps & Essays 

(During 4 Day Boot Camp in Aug before 12th Grade)

Get 1-1 Zoom Coaching with one of my Certified Coaches

Bonuses: Regular text reminders, Exclusive Facebook Group, and Secrets to Getting Money to Pay for College!

11th-12th Grades


or 12 monthly payments of $217

Join me for bi-weekly classes focused on 

college research and applications

Complete the Apps & Essays 

(During 4 Day Boot Camp in Aug before 12th Grade)

Get 1-1 Zoom Coaching with one of my Certified Coaches

Bonuses: Regular text reminders, Exclusive Facebook Group, and Secrets to Getting Money to Pay for College!

Try the Academy Risk Free!

If a family is not satisfied for any reason within the first 3 months, just email us at contact@dannyruderman.com, and we will be happy to provide a full refund.

Have Questions Before You Register?

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