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In just 2 days, your teen will discover what they love and take massive action towards a big dream.

Join Students From Around The World Whose Lives Have Already Been Changed

If any of what follows applies to you...

then get ready to help your teen
become their best self.

You would love your teen to find a passion.

You want to give your teen the best chance to get into top colleges.

You would like your teen to develop more grit. 

You want your teen to be excited about their future. 

You want your teen to learn strategies to keep accountable. 

The Big Dream Bootcamp

Two Days To Launch Your Teen's Future

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Two Action-Based Sundays

Any student from 8th-11th grade can join me from 10am-2pm on two consecutive Sundays. During these 8 hours, each student will learn the following by doing:

  1. Discover their personal strengths

  2. Figure out a big goal (dream) that they would love to achieve (Click here to see examples) 

  3. Start taking massive action towards the dream 

  4. Learn specific strategies to overcome obstacles, self-doubt, and anxiety

  5. Create a detailed, step-by-step plan to succeed

  6. Find partners and recruit team members

  7. Set up effective accountability checks

  8. Walk away feeling empowered to continue with the plan they've started 

Guidance and Support For Both Parents & Students

Families get resources during & after the Bootcamp. First, students can ask questions during the event (and on my participant-only Discord channel). I also hold a "Mini Parent Bootcamp" where I review strategies and answer questions to ensure you can support your teen in the pursuit of their goals. 

"The Bootcamp was so much more than I thought it would be. It also helped that Danny was there the entire time for questions throughout. The group size was perfect."

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- Dylan Norris

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A Community Like 
No Other

One of the most motivating aspects of the Bootcamp is the community of high achieving students who support each other and ask questions on my Discord channel. By seeing others succeed, teenagers anchor the belief that they can do it too. 

"The Bootcamp was great because when I had doubts about what I was doing, Danny and other students were always available with words of encouragement."

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-Willa Polstein

A Special Bonus!

Each student will gain access to an exclusive never-before interview I had with my past student Evan Spiegel, the founder and CEO of Snapchat. Students will discover what he did in high school that helped him become successful and the strategies he still employs that your teen can model.

“Danny totally had my back and helped me express who I really was–no easy task in such a high-growth phase of life. I am forever grateful for Danny’s guidance.” 

Evan Spiegel, CEO & Founder of Snapchat


My goal is to help your child


By applying proven strategies that have helped thousands of students achieve more than they thought possible, your child will develop a growth mindset that will help them become more confident and more resilient. 

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Let's Help Your Teen Become Their Best Self.

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