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Hey Fellow Tutor/Counselor,

For the last 20 years (yikes that seems impossible), I have gone from being a public schoolteacher to starting a tutoring and test prep company to becoming one of America's premier independent college counselors. Along the way, I went from making $35,000/year to well over $1M/year while making just about every mistake an entrepreneur can make (ever try to launch a new service...that no one wants? I have!)

Over the last couple of years, many tutors and counselors have asked for my advice, including past students of mine who decided to start their own businesses. As they saw success based on advice I had given them, I felt that similar sense of pride we all feel when any of our students succeed. 

As a result, I have made a program called Tutor B-School as a bit of a test to see if tutors and counselors like you would also like me to help them get higher-paying client families, discover how to retain clients longer, and develop programs that bring in passive income, so you can 10X your current revenue. 

While I have taught these proven principles many, many times, I haven't done it for a cohort of educators I don't know. Consequently, I have an offer for ya: you only pay $1 to join my next group for 6 weeks of training, starting on Friday, April 26 at 10 am PST. Each Friday, you will join me live as I cover one of the topics below in depth. These trainings will last approximately 2 hours, but they may go longer depending on your questions. I want to provide insane amounts of value because I want to hear about your successes (and later, hopefully show to the world)!

Here's what I'll cover over the course of the 6 weeks: 
Note: this will all be live, but you will also get templates, contracts, examples, and resources to save you loads of time. Additionally, each session will be recorded in case you can't make it. 

Week 1:

Generate Raving Fans and Bring in New Revenue


In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Discover what your customers and clients really need so you can best serve them

  • Hone your communication and presentation strategy that focuses on your genuine strengths

  • Leverage the power of referrals to create new business without spending any money

  • Create new offers for your current customers to increase your service and bring in more revenue

  • Get the exact steps for setting up strategic partnerships that can skyrocket your business

  • Start expanding your business right away, no matter where you are starting from.


Week 2:

Create the Plan to Expand Your Impact


In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Identify your ideal client, develop a personal mission, and clarify your individual strengths

  • Define your big why and implement it to connect with your clients and customers

  • Learn a specific, proven goal-setting and time-blocking system that sets up for success

  • Lay out an achievable step-by-step plan that you look forward to accomplishing each day

  • Discover powerful strategies that break through past limitations and allow you to manifest results

  • Make an authentic brand based on your personality and skills that creates irresistible offers that your customers want to purchase

  • Learn how to hold yourself accountable and feel good about the work you do

  • By the end, you will have the tools to design a life full of more prosperity, meaning, and joy.

Week 3:

Design a Profit-Making Online Strategy


In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Determine what services and products you want to offer

  • Choose the best platform for your customers and budget

  • Get walked through how to build a website, landing page, and email sequence

  • Learn how to hire quality people to help you without wasting time and at a fraction of the standard cost

  • Create specific funnels that attract customers and convert them into buyers automatically

  • Build a real online presence that cultivates trust and creates revenue 24/7.


Week 4:

Master technology and reach people around the world


In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Create high-converting live and prerecorded webinars and Zoom conferences

  • Set up a professional home studio for video, podcasts, and livestreaming on any budget

  • Make online courses without any technical knowledge

  • Learn how to write and publish a book--it's easier than you think!

  • Get the best technological resources that specifically help coaches, tutors, counselors, and therapists streamline their business and free up time

  • Design a dream business that allows you to help more people and bring in passive income.


Week 5:

Implement results-oriented, cost-effective marketing


In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Understand how to write copy that connects with clients and customers

  • Utilize paid media to test ideas and then make sales

  • Create ongoing social media plan that drives traffic

  • Get PR and media coverage in the form of TV, radio, and magazines to boost your brand awareness

  • Create content for others that attracts your ideal customer

  • Learn about the power of affiliates and how to get them

  • Help people find you and enthusiastically want to hire you and buy from you.


Week 6:

Set up your business to keep more of your money and hire staff to help you grow


In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Understand your numbers to focus on what really works and can give you the most freedom

  • Learn how and why to set up a corporation

  • Discover ways to maximize your taxes

  • Build corporate credit

  • Hire staff and contractors at the right time to help you expand and free up your time


Plus, you'll get these bonuses:


  • Visualization Formula $199

  • Write Your Book and Get It Published $499

  • Start Your Podcast and Get it on Apple $499

  • Growing Your Email List $349

  • Getting Your Website Found with SEO $349

  • Set up Your Analytics $349

  • Getting Started with Kajabi $476

  • $2720 in value!



So, if this all interests you, please click the button below to register, so we can start meeting up on Friday, April 26 at 10 am PST. If, after the first session, you aren't totally happy with the content or my bad jokes, just email me at, and my team will make sure you don't get charged the $495 fee for the full program (we will charge this on Saturday, April 26 at 10 am PST).


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