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  • What Motivates Teenagers Based on the 4 Different Types of Teens

  • How to Help Your Teen Reduce Anxiety and Increase Confidence

  • How to Help Your Teen Do Better In School

  • How to Help Your Teen Pursue Passions

  • How to Help Your Teen Create Unique Opportunities (Jobs, Internships, Individual Projects)

  • How to Help Your Teen Succeed on the ACT/SAT

  • How to Help Your Teen Get Accepted Into Great Colleges

  • How to Help Your Teen Succeed in College

  • 3+ Hours of Audio Content

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For the last 15 years, I have been blessed to help thousands of families just like yours find, apply and get into great colleges. Yet, every year I meet teenagers who are more stressed, more overwhelmed, and more afraid they won't get into a "good" school. My goal has always been to show students how to be authentic, how to discover their true interests, and how doing less often results in both more acceptances and a more enjoyable life.


My approach has been considered revolutionary because it runs counter to commonly-held beliefs about how college admissions works and why students get accepted. I feel blessed that families from all over the world, including top CEOs, celebrities, and parents who never went to college have placed their trust in me to help their children navigate the admissions process. I am also proud to say that year after year, my students have gone on to amazing colleges that truly match who they are as people.


Now, if you might be wondering why I am giving this audio program away for free, here's the reason: Given that I am the first in my family to attend college and the third to get accepted to Stanford from my urban, public high school, I now want to fulfill my mission of helping as many families realize the incredible opportunities available. As a result, I decided to give away this audio program to both help you and introduce you to me, my philosophy, and my ridiculous sense of humor. 


“It's wonderful people like you, who keep the integrity and build the character of future generations..” 

—  Ivan B, Parent

"I just wanted to say thank you for what you did for me. Most of all, my gratitude is for helping me understand that I didn’t need to get into an Ivy League school to flourish and achieve my highest potential in life."

—  Ethan W, Student

"Thank you for being the most awesome college counselor out there!"​

— Michele K, Parent

“Danny! You are a badass, can’t thank you enough for helping me get into my top choice!"

​—  Ryan K, Student

“Danny totally had my back and helped me express who I really was–no easy task in such a high-growth phase of life. I am forever grateful for Danny’s guidance.” 

—  Evan Spiegel, CEO Snapchat

"It was your focus on integrity and helping kids find what they’re interested in that most attracted us to you...we agree with you that happiness and feeling a sense of purpose is driven by doing something you love." 

—  Nicole L, Parent

“Danny gave outstanding advice and was patient and kind with my daughter. If you’re looking to help get your child accepted into a top university, Danny would be your first choice.”​

—  Dylan McDermott, Actor

“Thank you for all that you do.

My daughter is really enjoying her experience working with you and we feel so lucky to have you in her corner."​

—  Lori W, Parent

"Danny gets what teens are going through and is good at explaining things in ways that make sense.
He made me feel a lot less stressed about the process."​

— Imani Cheadle, Student




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