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Every Sunday night, you will get an email specific to the grade your child is in!

I have broken up the entire admission process starting from 9th grade through 12th grade into weekly, bite-sized morsels of goodness that will walk you and your child through every single thing you need to do.


And these aren't just text emails, oh no, many include short videos to SHOW you what to do and save you hours/days/weeks of time. 


Every week for 6 weeks, your child can be a part of a select group of students who will join me LIVE online as I help them think BIG in order to discover and pursue their passions. 

​With lots of stories, terrible jokes, and real world examples, I will both educate and inspire so they will leave each session feeling confident and excited about the possibilities. Of course, since the sessions are live online, students can (and should) ask me questions so I can individualize each session.


Most importantly, they will get specific to-do items to complete after each session, which will walk them through how to figure out what their strengths are, get clear on a dream they might have, and learn the exact steps of how to create extraordinary opportunities and results!


For juniors/rising seniors, I personally hold an intense (but fun) four-day workshop in Los Angeles, where students come in with nothing and leave with their college applications and essays done!


prepare the students two weeks in advance via Zoom Conference. Then, during the four days, my team and I personally work one-on-one with students to walk them through the nuts and bolts of applying. Finally, each student gets three 1-1 sessions via Zoom after the workshop to polish essays and prepare materials for submission.


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