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Welcome! Let's Help Your Teen Get Into Great Colleges By Being Authentic.

If any of what follows applies to you...

then get ready to help your teen
become their best self.

You would love your teen to find a passion.

You want to give your teen the best chance to get into top colleges.

You would like your teen to develop more grit. 

You want your teen to be excited about their future. 

You want your teen to learn strategies to keep accountable. 


Dear Family,

Chances are you know a teen who "did everything right" but still wasn't accepted into the college they had their heart set on.


It happens all the time because most people don't understand what colleges are really looking for in prospective students.


Instead, parents and teens spend years arguing and stressing over grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities, not knowing those things are only a part of the equation when it comes to getting into the best colleges.


Getting into college doesn't have to be so stressful.​

My goal is to even the playing field in college admissions by providing affordable world-class resources for all families.

Acceptance Roadmap

Get a free copy of my Acceptance Roadmap and learn what no one tells you about admissions! See real examples of my past students and discover how being authentic makes all the difference. 

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Having coached students who are now doctors, musicians, scientists, and even tech moguls, my mission is to show students how to discover their passions and create their own success stories. On the show, I interview young people who have accomplished extraordinary things so that listeners can learn practical strategies for realizing their dreams. You'll hear inspiring stories served with a dose of sarcasm to learn how to overcome self-doubt and figure out what you love, think big, and go for it!

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Guaranteed Ivy Program

Is there really some big secret to getting accepted? 

No, there isn't.

But most people get bad advice and learn many misconceptions.  

What has helped hundreds of my past students get into the most selective schools in the world comes down to these things:

9 Essentials of my Guaranteed Ivy System:

  1. Start early.

  2. Figure out authentic interests.

  3. Create a very detailed plan for accomplishing big goals.

  4. Take advantage of holiday breaks.

  5. Rock school by learning how to get top grades in less time and creating great relationships with teachers.

  6. Master the SAT or ACT in order to score in the top 1%.

  7. Make connections with professors and admissions officers over time.

  8. Research colleges to find true matches between a student's interests and a school's unique offerings.

  9. Write standout applications, including essays that showcase a student's voice and personality.

And the best news is that for the right student, all of this can be taught. 

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"It's wonderful people like you, who keep the integrity and build the character of future generations."
Ivan Brooks, Parent


“Danny totally had my back and helped me express who I really was–no easy task in such a high-growth phase of life. I am forever grateful for Danny’s guidance.” 

—  Evan Spiegel, CEO Snapchat

A Few Nice Words

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“Danny gave outstanding advice and was patient and kind with my daughter. If you’re looking to help your child, Danny would be your first choice.”​

—  Dylan McDermott, Actor

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"Danny gets what teens are going through and is good at explaining things in ways that make sense.
He made me feel a lot less stressed and more confident in myself."​

— Imani Cheadle, Student

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Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Penn, MIT, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Duke, U Chicago, Rice, Wash U, UCLA, Berkeley, Michigan, Tulane, Miami, Texas, Amherst
Just a few of the colleges my students have attended

About Me

I feel fortunate to be nationally recognized as one of America’s premier college counselors. After being the first from my family to attend college and only the 3rd student to be accepted into Stanford University from my public high school, my mission is to help as many families as possible navigate the admission process. I am the author of The Ultimate College Acceptance System (St. Martin’s Press) and Top 100 Answers to Your College Admission Questions. I have also created college counseling programs used by nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies.

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