How to Help Your Child Discover Real Interests

(and hopefully get them to take action!)

As many of you know, there is nothing I love more than helping students realize that they can create opportunities that other people believe are extraordinary.

It's also one of the things that parents most ask me about because, let's be honest, it can be difficult to motivate a teenager to do anything, especially something they DON’T want to do.

Given the challenging time we are living in right now, families face an even more daunting task of figuring out what to do in the summer, given that many programs have been canceled and opportunities like jobs and internships are all on standby.

That's why this week I thought I would present a few ways I get students to think about what might interest them in order to be able to brainstorm activities that they can actually get excited about.

When I meet a student for the first time, usually with his or her parents, there's always two questions that I asked within the first half hour.

The first question is this:

What would you do if you had $1 billion right now?

And I will say, "Look, I'm not