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Some Nice Words


“Danny gave outstanding advice and was patient and kind with my daughter. If you’re looking to help get your child accepted into a top university, Danny would be your first choice.”

- Dylan McDermott, Actor

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"Danny's Program was really constructive. It's impressive to have the hours fly by so quickly! Danny was really funny, which made the process come a lot easier."

- Colin Browne, Student at the University of Pennsylvania

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"Danny's Program was a lifesaver.  Danny made this whole process so much less stressful.  I was applying to a very specific program at NYU and he had a real understanding of what I would need to accomplish.  Danny was honest with me about my goals and upfront about what was expected of me.  The sessions were great because when I had doubts about what I was doing, Danny was always available with words of encouragement."

- Willa Polstein, Student at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music


"The Program was amazing. I can't believe I got so much done, and everyone really helped me hone my essays, especially one I was struggling with about my brother. I am incredibly thankful because I got accepted to Harvard early action!"

- Nicholas Hutchison, Student at Harvard University


“Danny totally had my back and helped me express who I really was–no easy task in such a high-growth phase of life. I am forever grateful for Danny’s guidance.” 

—Evan Spiegel, CEO & Founder of Snapchat

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"I can't tell you how much Danny helped me with my essays. I honestly had no idea how to start, and he really helped me come up with ideas and refine my writing. I also got so much done and all before I went back to school."

- Jackson Shire, Student at Dartmouth University

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"The Program was amazingly helpful. I loved that I got individualized attention, and it was always constructive. We learned so much about the essays, interviews, and how to write emails to admission reps! Overall, I feel so much more confident about going into senior year."

- Neecki Zand, Student at the University of California Berkeley

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"This has been as helpful as anything could be. Being in my room, forced to do work, I worked. It also helped that Danny was there the entire time for questions throughout. The group size was perfect."

- Dylan Norris, Student at the University of Michigan

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Danny helped our son immensely. We can thank him enough and recommend him highly.”

- Chuck and Gina Norris

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"Working with Danny was definitely one of the best decisions my family and I made, and I am so grateful for his advice.  Throughout the whole college process, when everyone was stressing about getting apps in, I never felt any because I turned everything in waaaay before the deadline.  Danny really made the my dreams, and the “impossible” my reality. I would’ve never gotten into my dream school without Danny’s help and guidance. If you have an opportunity to work with him, take it."

- Sofia Ziman, Student at NYU's Tisch School Photography & Imaging Program  

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"I definitely owe Danny a big thank you. He really taught me how to think critically and separate myself from the crowd. There is a big emphasis these days on being able to 'network,' but through the lens of Danny Ruderman, I learned that simply means being genuine with the right people.

- Jacob Wasserman, Student at Tulane University

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"Without Danny I wouldn’t have gotten into my dream school. Simple as that! He helped me find a program that revolves around my passion and will allow me to gain real world experience before I graduate college. Danny was incredibly helpful not only to my application and essays but also my mental health and stress throughout the process. He’s also very honest and will lay out a guided plan to get you where you want to go to school— the only thing you need to do is work for it. He will be a grounding and helpful part of your college process. Of course, ultimately you will get yourself into your dream school, but Danny will give you the tools to do exactly that and more. 

- Anna Sophia Lotman, Student at the University of Pennsylvania

A Few More Families Danny Has Helped: 

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, Actors

Don Cheadle, Actor

Lindsey Buckingham, Musician

John Taylor, Musician

Aaron Sorkin, Writer, Director

Peter Berg, Actor, Director

Nancy Travis, Actor

Melody Thomas Scott, Actor

Bryan Grazer, Producer

Bill Block, CEO Miramax

Herb Simon, Owner Indiana Pacers

Alan Bergman, President of Walt Disney Studios

Irving Azoff, CEO Azoff MSG Entertainment

Steven Levitan, Creator of Modern Family

Gary Schoenfeld, CEO of PacSun

Kevin Huvane, Managing Partner CAA

"As I get ready to board the plane to go to Brown for the admitted students weekend, I wanted to thank you for all you did for Lucas and our family in general. Your sage counsel, no nonsense attitude, kindness, care and understanding were invaluable in this crazy process. I don’t know what we would have done without you. Thank you, thank you. You are very good at your job!"

- Cathy Sandrich Gelfond, mom of student at Brown University

"Your advice is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. Thank you for taking the time to work with me! I really really appreciate it."​

- Amanda Brooks, student at Northwestern University

"THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE! Your unique gift was being able to immediately tap into the essence of each kid, to help them showcase their authentic selves and figure out the right school for THEM. That’s how each of my incredibly different kids ended up at their perfect fit school. On their own merits. Thank You!"

- Rachel Chasalow, mom of students at Emory University and the University of Michigan

"What makes Danny stand out as a college counselor is his ability to connect with students and truly get to know them. Through his vast knowledge of universities both by research and past student’s experiences, I knew I was getting great information on how to get into my top choices." 


- Georgia Young, student at Columbia University

"We wanted to thank you for all of your guidance during this college process. Richter has decided to go to MIT and is very happy. The time you spent talking to Richter to help him understand exactly what HE wanted and, as a result, he worked hard to make HIS dream come true. Of course, making sure he met his deadlines was really nice for us as parents and the arguments were kept to a minimum :) Thanks again Danny and good luck for the next round of students!  They're lucky to have you.


- Nicole and Jan Brzeski, parents of student at MIT 

"Danny made me feel confident and competent both about my ability to achieve what I needed to achieve in school to get where I wanted to go and actually achieving that dream. He was my cheerleader and my ringleader at a time when I needed both. 


- Brynn Hochman, student at Stanford

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